If you want to learn to ride, do you need to spend time in the ring with an instructor before coming out on trail?


We don't offer lessons the way you get in a ring, but we do a lot of teaching on trail for those riders who need it or want it.  You'll learn very different things riding on trail with us than you will in a ring, and the riding experience is quite different too. 

For one thing, it's more fun!!  (IMHO)  Many of my riders who have taken ring lessons marvel at how willing our horses are, unlike many disengaged school horses.  Come out on trail and the horse is having a good time too.  Riding will be much easier and more fun when you're not fighting an unwilling horse.

Also, when you ride out on trail, you will learn more about who the horse is as a person.  We'll talk to you about what he's thinking and experiencing, as there's a lot more going on for him than in the ring.  So you'll learn more about horses, probably. 

And we will talk to you about your own body mechanics -- how to move effectively with the horse --  more than you're getting in the ring with many instructors. 

Finally, we're generally more forgiving than the ring instructor.  We think you can have a good time riding, reasonably safely, without needing to be a perfect rider.

So, our emphasis on trail is having a good time, more than learning, but you'll likely learn more than you do in a ring lesson anyways.  Plus, you'll be in the saddle longer, and, you'll be surrounded by incredible natural beauty.  Don't you want that, more than riding around in circles in a dusty ring?

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