winter riding

We ride in the winter!  It's a great feeling to get out, the trails are beautiful, and the horses enjoy it.   We may need to take it easy if the footing is hard or slippery, or if the snow is deep, but we have a great time.

Here is how to stay warm on a cold winter's ride:

1.  Wear more than one layer of pants/leggings

2.  Warm, wind-breaking gloves

3.  a scarf or neck gaiter

4.  a thick, wool sweater -- cashmere is great!!

5.  the warmest socks and boots you can find

6.  a warm hat for after the ride when your helmet comes off

7.  There are warming pouches that you can tuck in your boots and gloves, if you tend toward cold.  I've even seen battery-operated socks, in the catalogs.

8.  Warm food in your belly!

riding on a hot day

How to stay cool on a hot day?  Here's my strategy...

1.  You need two t-shirts.  One or both should be long-sleeved.  They both should be beefy-thick, white or pale-colored, and cut large for you. 

If one is short-sleeved, put that one on first,  Then, soak the outer, long-sleeved shirt in cold water.   Put it on soaking wet.  Make sure the inner shirt gets good and wet. 

It can take hours to dry (the thicker the shirts, the longer you'll stay wet).  In the meantime, you'll be comfy.

2.  Douse your head with cold water.  Bring a bandana that you can wet and wear, to keep your head wet.

3.  Use saddle pads with pockets, and bring bottles of cold water with you on the ride.

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