Mescalero:  Mescalero is perhaps the most popular horse with our riders.  He's a very sweet guy who aims to please.  He came from the racetrack when he was three years old, but he never raced, and that was over ten years ago anyway. 

Cayalle:  Cayalle is flashy gray Arabian gelding with an extra dose of personality!  He can be a little full of himself on the ground, but under saddle he's a joyful fellow who goes well for anyone. 

Prima Dahna:  The lovely Prima Dahna.  Another gray Arabian, she is a senior citizen, our oldest horse.  She may be older, but she still enjoys going out on trail. 

Timpanic:  Timpanic is a big Thoroughbred gelding who came from the racetrack.  He is distinguished by his kind-hearted demeanor towards humans, and his size!  He is gentle with beginners, but delighted to re-live his racing life if offered the opportunity. 

Stormy:  We've had Stormy longer than any other horse. We got her when she was a year and a half old.  As of this edit, she's around sixteen years old. We love her like a daughter.  She's a beautiful mare to look at, but even more, she has deep inner beauty. 

Frenchie:  Another Thoroughbred mare from the track, Frenchie is all business.  As of this writing she is still a bit green, so we don't put beginners on her quite yet. 

In Memorium:

Big River:  Big River died on March 20, 2014.  It was the first day of spring, kind of a good day for him to die because he didn't like the summer heat and flies.  He was 28 years old, and he'd had a great life with us.  He was a big, handsome, fun-loving Quarter Horse with lots of friends, often mistaken for a fancy warmblood.

Fairlight:  We miss our gray Arab mare, Fairlight, who died in April 2010.  Many, many people rode her and loved her. 


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